Perfume: Made from human fat

July 21, 2008

Perfume : The Story of a Murderer, you should watch this movie. I really loved it. It’s really unusual and was make me to convey something like a smell in a movie. This story is about a serial-killer movie without blood and action with wild chase sequences and stuff like this.

I saw the movie last night, and today anna want to share with peoples who are love to watch it. Some of my friend are ‘disappointed’ and feel so ‘boring’ to watch, but actually this is an art movie which based on the best selling novel by Patrick Siiskind and a story of a deadly obsession set in 18th century France.

Can you imagine if the perfume that we wear everyday got a human fat. We will refuse this is as an impossible, ya, if you think so. This story was remind me to the  same think happend in our Malaysian culture.

Most of ancient Malays belief in chin oil or ‘minyak dagu’ which is to be as a persuade perfume. To get the oil, mens or womens must died first. Usually the people that use this is for black magic and not allowed for most religious here.

The chin oil is the symbol of evil power for the user. By wear this perfume, they can attarct and impressive peoples around them without any feel guilty.

How they keep this black magic forever? Are this effect their family and generation future? Why?

To be continue…


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