January 21, 2009

Do you know what’s homeopathy? and maybe some of us think that this homeopathy is not safe and the medicine’s lie and not true…actually..homeopathy’s the one which was real since a decad aago How peoples before do have a long life with more strong figure than us now? Remind of the things that make me want to share about this homeopathy.
Homeopathic medicines are made from naturally occurring substances and are so dilute that they frequently contain none of the original substance. The basic principles of homeopathy were first defined by the German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He seems to have based many of his origional thoughts on Hippocratic principles that suggested symptoms were an expression of nature’s healing powers. Regarding that he had began to test other substances. It’s important to understand that homeopathic prescribing is as much based on mental symtoms as it is on physical complaints. Is it Safe? Ya, sure…homeopathy can cause a flare-up of you original condition and this is usually considered by homeopaths to be part of the healing process. There is no evidence that homeopathy itself can cause serious or permanent advers effects. However, some homeopaths may suggest that you stop your conventional treatment.This can be extremely gdangerous in some conditions-so you should make sure you consult your own doctor before stopping any conventional medicines on the advice of a homeopath. The essence of good integrated care is communication between those treating you, so that treatment does not put you at any risk.
What does treatment involve? At your first session, a homeopath will take a very detailed history from you to establish a complete picture of your symptoms. Not only will they want to know your state of mind and the exact nature of your symptoms, they will also want to know what makes your symtoms better or worse. Having obtained a complete picture, the homepath will then try to match your symptoms to a particular remedy. A prescription for a simple acute problem can sometimes be done over the the telephone or in a very short period of time.
In chronic (long lasting) conditions, it will usually be at least a month before the homeopath will review your situation. Tjis is because homeopathic remedies take time toact. Sometimes, there will be an initial aggravation or healing crisis, this is frequently a good sign and indicates thet the homeopathiy might be effective. Usually the homeopathic remedy or remedies will need to be changed on several occasions during your course of treatment. You should allow at least six month period to elapse before you decide whether homeopathy is effective for you particularly if you are seeking advice for a chronic condition.
While it’s impossible to be specific about the type of conditions that can be helped by himeopathy, most homeopaths treat a wide range of problems. This ncludes allergic conditions (such as eczema and asthma), irritable bowel syndrome, migraine,gynaecological problems (such as painful periods and premenstrual syndrome), psychological problems such as depression and anxiety and arthritis.
The most important initial step before considering homeopathy is to make sure that you have, as far as possible, obtained a clear diagnosis from you doctor. You should also understand what conventional treatments are available to you so that you can consider whether homeopathy is an appropriate and reasonable approach to your condition.
Ok, until then…have a nice treatment…


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