I can’t sleep! to think what? : Insomnia

October 21, 2009

Why i’am still not sleeping yet???

It is important to distinguish between habitual sleeplessness, repeated night after night, and a temporary problem due perhaps to some worry or anxiety. It is also important not to become obsessed with trying to get certain amount of sleep… not everyone needs an 8 hour qouta, a quality is more vital than quantity. People generally need less sleep as they get older, or at least continuously, so if granny has a day time snooz and sleeps for less time at night that is perfectly normal…but like me which is not more that 30 years old…that is must be something in my mind! so what we can do to heals back this habits?


Try using aromatheraphy bu putting 2-3 drops on to a paper tissue under the pillow at night. Choose from the following:

Chamomile : calming & relaxing effect, it’s good where indigestion contributes to broken sleep


Lavendar : this oil is probably the best remedy, not only for soothing but also helps for any aches or pain cause of insomnia.

Marjoram : relaxing & warming


In order to get the proper rhythm of energy through the day, it’s useful to get plenty of exercise and get fresh air in the daytime. It may help to get up fairly early in the morning as well, to restore this balance. Do not sleep in a stuffy room, or drink coffee, tea or cola at night.

At bedtime, a calcium/magnesium supplement such dolomite tablets can helps to relax, especially if taken with a warm herb tea, or perhaps a hot milky drink if you do not suffer from a lot of catarrh…


  • Chamomile
  • Lemon balm
  • Lime blossom
  • Passionflower

Good to try our natural home remedies…take care and have nice sleep.


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