I wonder why?

December 20, 2009

How big is the ocean?

The ocean is truly ENORMOUS! It covers more than twice as much of the Earth as land does. In fact, it’s made up of four oceans; the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian and the Arctic. Although these all have different names, they flow into each other to make one huge world ocean.

What’ s the different between a sea and an ocean?

People often use the words sea and ocean to mean the same thing. That’s fine, but to a scientist, seas are just part of an ocean; the parts that are nearest land. The Mediterranean Sea is between Africa and Europe for example.

Why is the sea salty?

Seawater taste salty because it has in it! The salt is the same as the stuff people sprinkle on food. Most of it comes from rocks on the land. Rain washes the salt into rivers which carry in to the sea.

Is the Red Sea really red?

Parts of the Red Sea look red. In summer millions of tiny red plants called algae grow in the water, so don’t worry, you won’t turn pink if you swim there!


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